Love Overdue - Pamela Morsi I received an advanced copy of this book from NetGalley to review.

This book was enjoyable, but not without its faults. My big issue with it was that it was a romance novel where I really didn't care about the romance until about 50% through. Scott and DJ fight a lot, and not in a fun bantery kind of way. Once they start dating, the relationship makes sense and the reader starts to root for them. For the rest of the book I was fully invested in their relationship. The other points in the book were great. I liked the parts of this book that concerned DJ's job. That may just be because I am a librarian :) I enjoyed the scenes concerning the wheat harvest more though. It was absolutely fascinating how the town gets together for the harvest and basically focuses solely on that task. The whole situation with Scott's mom was a little out there, but major points for originality. My other problem with the book was that the ending seemed to be missing a chapter. The entire book revolves around the fact that DJ is keeping a huge secret from Scott. We never actually get to see her reveal this secret. Then there's an epilogue where everything is absolutely fine and they have children. It was very jarring to have the book climbing to this boiling point then defuse it immediately with no payoff. I would've enjoyed the book more if the romance made more sense in the beginning and if there had been that extra chapter at the end.