Rose Under Fire - Elizabeth Wein Rose Under Fire is a brilliant book. The writing is beautiful. The research is so impeccable. I think that Code Name Verity was a more interesting reading experience because we as readers had to sort out was was true. That isn't to say that Rose Under Fire wasn't a good book. It was well-written but it was much more straightforward. Rose's story is a collection of so many other stories that she witnessed. She survived and is getting out the message about how horrific the concentration camps truly were. What struck me most about this book was how the girls came together at the concentration camp. They still found ways to help each other and care for each other despite the horrors they were witnessing. There were many stories that aren't usually told that were delved into in this book. I cried through most of the end. I hope that this book and Code Name Verity both find themselves in classrooms for both their historical narrative and for being so beautifully written.