Love, Technically - Lynne Silver I received this book from Netgalley to review.

This novella was sweet and cute. I didn't realize it was a novella until I was halfway through and saw that I didn't have much of the story left. I liked the characters, but they sometimes seemed a little silly at times. For instance, Michelle is completely unaware that her new boyfriend is the CEO of her company. In the beginning this makes sense, but as time goes on you wonder how she missed some of the signs. Sark writes a note to Michelle at one point in order to apologize and reveal his secret identity. Michelle doesn't get that this is what that note was. Sark really should've expected some sort of fallout from this. When she doesn't say anything about this revelation, Sark assumes that she knows and thinks that there is nothing wrong with their relationship. This was really my only problem with the novella. It just seemed like you had to suspend a lot of disbelief for that part of the plot. Other than that I really liked the interactions between the characters. In particular I enjoyed watching Michelle try to advance in her career. I never felt like I was bored waiting for the romance to roll back around, which sometimes happens with love stories. All in all this was a very cute novella.