If I Should Die - Amy Plum I received this book as part of a Goodreads First Reads contest. This review contains spoilers for this book as well as the two that proceed it in the series.

This book picks right up where [b:Until I Die|12908877|Until I Die (Revenants, #2)|Amy Plum|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1335240840s/12908877.jpg|14612013] finished. Recap of Until Die's ending: Violette betrayed the revenants of La Maison because she thinks that Vincent is the Champion. (Also, she's kind of nuts.) Kate and Georgia stumbled upon this because they were following Arthur, who they thought was the betrayer. (He wasn't.) Vincent came along to save the girls and was killed in the process. Violette took his body. Kate is mourning Vincent when she hears him in his volant state. End of book.

If I Should Die opens with the continuation of the discussion Kate and Vincent were having. He talks with Kate long enough to tell her where his body is and how much he cares for her. His voice drops off, causing Kate to panic. She rushes back to La Maison to inform the others of what's going on. They decide that they need the assistance of Bran to figure out a way to get Vincent back. They discover that Vincent's body was incinerated and his spirit is bound to Violette. Bran tells the revenants about a process called embodiment, which will get Vincent a new body. After that, they can worry about the fact that Violette is bent on destroying them and their kind.

This book was an excellent wrap-up to the series. It was fast-paced, romantic, and funny at times. There were a couple of new characters we get to meet. Some of our old favorites get more of the spotlight in this book.

The book added a lot in terms of worldbuilding. There was a lot of new information concerning revenant history and customs. It was all doled out in small portions, which was nice. I loved the emphasis on research. It was especially cool that one of the key breaks came from Papy. One of my favorite parts is when he gets to see the revenant super museum. Also, it was very clever and seemed historically appropriate that the instructions for embodiment were in a mural in the archives.

The thing that struck me most about this book while I was reading was the balance between serious and lighthearted moments. This book could've been a ridiculously melodramatic, over the top story. Kate's boyfriend is essentially dead. It's pretty much her fault. The world is being threatened by supernatural creatures. Several characters are angsting about their love lives. There are a lot of fight scenes. Amy Plum managed the make the book fun even though there was a lot of danger and drama. Any time it got a little too heavy there was a little quip or a bit of sarcasm to lighten the mood. It kept the book from feeling overwrought with angst and melodrama. In another author's hands it could've easily been like that.

I loved that Kate's family was further pulled into the revenant's world. Papy found out about them at the end of the second book. To an extent, Kate's family is included in the plans. I liked that they weren't in the dark and thought that their reaction to the revenants was realistic. Georgia is one of my favorite characters so seeing more of her was a delight. Especially, her flirtatious with Arthur and their kiss.

The only real negative was that it took forever for them to work out that Kate was the Victor. The reader was given a ton of clues so it was quite easy to figure out. I understand why it happened when it did, however, I was ready for her to be the Victor and kick some numa ass. We did get to see a good amount of that though. I was a little worried they would find out with like ten pages left. It is quite a bit more than that thankfully.

Also, I know that the pacing of the book would've suffered drastically from it, but I would've liked more of the secondary romances. Their moments were so cute or sort of heartrending (depending on the couple). If Amy Plum wants to write enovellas about Georgia/Arthur or Charlotte/Ambrose in the same way she did for Jules, I would definitely read them.

In conclusion: awesome book, awesome series, if Amy Plum decides to write more in this universe I would be all for it.