Dark Inside - Jeyn Roberts I received an ARC of this book at San Diego Comic Con.

Four teenagers try to survive cataclysmic events as the apocalypse begins. The chapters alternate between their four stories, which don't intertwine until the very end. There are also brief interludes attributed to Nothing. The book was wonderfully written. After meeting each character it was apparent that the author would kill off anyone. It was truly terrifying to read this book because I felt like the characters were always in danger. It would be easy to kill someone off because there were three other narrators.

The characters were fleshed out in a very concise manner. It worked well for the pacing of the book. I liked that the author gave us background information, but allowed our perceptions to be based on actions. I felt like I understood the characters without giant explanations. The author did a great job of displaying different reactions to the end of the world. For example, Aries wants to travel in a group, whereas Daniel does not. I felt like their reasoning and actions were realistic.

The ending was all I think it could be. There was no way that the author could make the ending happy with how dark the story was. I think that she made it hopeful without being cheesy. It would be interesting, however, to see a sequel about rebuilding their lives. If the book had ended with them rebuilding, it would've turned out rushed.

Overall, this book was phenomenal. It was haunting, fast-paced, and thought-provoking. There are some scenes with graphic violence in them, which may not be for the squeamish. I highly recommend reading this novel though.