Proxy - Alex London I received an advanced copy of this book from NetGalley to review.

I love love loved this book. The way that the author built up his future was clever. The idea of credit systems, debt, and proxies was well thought out and executed well. The author did a great job of explaining their concept of the future without a giant infodump. Everything was explained concisely and in an easy to understand matter. That is not always the case with science fiction novels, so I appreciated that.

The character development was very well done. Syd was an easy character to root for. Marie and Knox were great foils for each other in terms of why they were helping Syd. Knox is such a spoiled jerk. He tries to become a better person and occasionally succeeds. His development toward not being a raging jerk has some major stumbling blocks, but that kept things realistic. Marie

Diversity in books always makes me happy. I was pleasantly surprised that the main character was a person of color and a homosexual. The former was brought up a handful of times. Syd calls himself brown. His mentor states that he thinks Syd's ancestors are from the Holy Land. Knox describes Syd's appearance at one point as well. Syd's homosexuality was brought up more often and had a much bigger impact on the plot. We see how it had an effect on his friendship with Egan, how it impacts Knox's interactions with him, and how homosexuality is viewed in this depiction of the future. It opened up a lot of avenues for the author to take. He used them exceedingly well.

The ending was very interesting. It was dramatic and quite unexpected. There are quite a few expectations most readers should have and they were subverted. For instance, the original Sydney Carton from A Tale of Two Citiessacrifices himself for the sake of others. It's an expectation that he will do this or at least attempt to sacrifice himself. Instead someone sacrifices themself for Sydney in a complete 180. I loved that. It was very unexpected that Knox would sacrifice himself and then die. This is the first book in the series, and it seemed like the future books would be about Sydney and Knox. I truly did not expect for him to die. It was a great twist. My only qualm with it was that anyone with their blood could then become the sacrifice. Oh well. I enjoyed the ending so much I'm willing to overlook that.

I would definitely recommend this to YA readers looking for a new sci-fi/dystopian series.