Left Drowning - Jessica Park I received a copy of Left Drowning from NetGalley to review.

I absolutely loved Park's book Flat-Out Love. It was touching and beautiful. It also made me sob quite often. I had very high expectations for this book as a result. This book met my admittedly high expectations. Blythe and Chris had a very interesting relationship. I loved seeing how the Shepard kids all reacted to the same tragedy. They all grieved in their own very unique ways. It was interesting to see all of those approaches. Chris and Blythe are tied together in a rather interesting way. I thought it was quite clever. The reader is given enough clues to figure most of it out on their own. While I was reading the book, I was irked at how coincidental it seemed that they ended up at the same school. I loved that their little meeting by the lake and her giving him her shirt is why he ends up there. It was so well done. . Thankfully, it was explained away.